Personal safety (self protection) training

Event date: 

05/07/2018 - 09:00 to 17:00


Personal safety (self protection) training

Why do I need this?

This course is suited to individuals who wish to understand more about self protection, those who work or volunteer in a controlled environment such as mental health units and children’s homes, hospitality, event stewards and all public-facing services, activities and events where de-escalation techniques may be necessary.  

What should I know first?

This training is offered as a stand-alone one-day course and no previous qualifications are necessary. It can also form part of the Use of Force Training syllabus. Our instructors have more than 20 years experience of training self protection and defence techniques and are fully accredited by HM Government.

What will I learn?

Learners will develop skills and knowledge when dealing with a variety of situations where self defence or protection of others may be necessary. You will learn more about the decision-making process and techniques required to prevent situations from escalating to a level of threat or aggression. You will learn about the safe application of protection techniques when physical intervention may be required. The course also covers understanding the law and report writing associated with that.

Subjects covered:


  • Understanding the law
  • Managing conflict through communication
  • Medical implications
  • Decision making process
  • Report writing


  •  Understanding reaction distances and body positioning
  • Movement around the environment
  • Protective stance low/high guard.
  • Vulnerable body areas/defensive techniques.
  • Simple breakaways
  • Defensive strikes
  • Contact and Going To Ground
  • Defence against kicks
  • Defence against ground and rear attacks
  • Object disarming techniques

Learners will be assessed through oral questioning and practical demonstrations. Scenarios will be set to enable a learner to demonstrate their knowledge and practical skills. The assessment will be ongoing throughout the course.

Course is suited to: 

Available to learners aged 18 or over. This training involves physical participation and contact with other learners will be necessary for assessment purposes. Learners will be instructed to complete a gentle warm up at the beginning of each session. This course may be adapted for participants with limited mobility. Please contact our team to discuss how we can meet your needs.

Course length:

1-day intensive training. (09:00 – 17:00)

Course outcome:

This course will provide learners with the ability to recognise when de-escalation techniques are appropriate along with the confidence to apply physical intervention if necessary. Learners will gain a solid understanding of personal safety and will be awarded with an attendance certificate issued by United Safe Care.