Level 2 Award in First Aid Risk Assessment

Event date: 

03/07/2018 - 09:00 to 17:00

Why do I need this?

All employers are required by law to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and trained personnel, to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work.

This course will help you understand the principles of a first aid risk assessment and ascertain what is ‘adequate and appropriate’, depending on your workplace. 

This includes whether trained first aiders are needed, what should be included in a first aid box and if a first aid room is required.

The course is suitable for anyone who is responsible for risk assessment within the workplace.

What should I know first?

This course is entry-level and no previous qualifications are required. 

What will I learn?

This course will teach you to assess risks using the latest training methods and practical mock risk assessments. You will gain the knowledge required to produce a risk assessment of first aid needs for a workplace ensuring that all HSE requirements are being met.

In order to produce a risk assessment of first aid needs, consideration of workplace hazards and risks, the size of the organisation and other relevant factors need to be taken into account in order to determine what first aid equipment, facilities and trained personnel should be provided. 

This course will provide detailed information about the considerations and relevant factors in order to determine the needs and requirements and to ultimately produce a risk assessment of first aid needs for the business. 

A range of subjects covered include:

  • The role and responsibilities of a First Aid Appointed Person
  • The employer’s responsibilities in respect of First Aid
  • How to manage a First Aid related incident in the absence of a qualified First Aider or Emergency First Aider

Course is suited to:

Learners aged 16 or over. It is recommended that learners should hold a minimum of Level 1 in literacy or equivalent to undertake this qualification. It may be possible to allocate a reasonable adjustment to a learner who has a disability, medical condition or learning need. 

Length of course:

Course is conducted over one day.


This is achieved by on-going theoretical teaching by the instructor, culminating with a written test.

This qualification does not expire, but refresher training and keeping up to date with changes to policies and procedures is vital to keep the qualification current. 

This qualification meets the requirements of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 and the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1982 and is awarded by First Aid Awards. 


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